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When's the last time you...

  • Wished you didn't have to work a J.O.B. just to make someone else rich?
  • Dreaded Sunday evening because Monday meant back to "the grind"?
  • Dreamt about doing whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want?



Sound familiar? You're not alone. 


The pain of NOT having enough money, or living life in financial servitude is a pain felt by millions around the world. And, the sad truth is that most will remain trapped until it's too late.


To Achieve Financial Freedom, You Have to Shift Your Beliefs and Alter Your Actions.



But there's a problem...


You were given bad money advice from Day One.


Think about it. You've been playing at a disadvantage for a really long time (and you may not even realize it!). 


  • Our education systems have failed you. They teach advance math, but they don't teach how to budget or invest.
  • You've been hypnotized by consumerism for as long as you can remember. BUY NOW and PAY LATER!
  • You've been been taught to "keep up" with your peers as a way to find approval.
  • And, your family and friends don't know any better. They likely had the same bad training.


Unfortunately, this money mindset leads to excess spending, chasing earnings, and giving away your biggest resource... TIME.


If you've ever wondered the thought of money brings up feelings of confusion, stress, and overwhelm, this is why! It's enough to make anyone break down and bury their head in the sand.


Ignoring the problem doesn't solve the problem. In fact, if you don't do anything about it, it only gets worse. Ignore your money, and it will always control you.


Financial Freedom Pass Evens the Odds in Your Favor.


Financial Freedom Pass has everything you need to shift your money mindset from limitations, to unlimited possibility.


The program coaches you in a structured group setting for you to remain engaged, and accountable on a weekly basis. And, we keep it simple by using the Financial Freedom Blueprint as a framework to follow.


In addition to upgrading your money mindset, we will also dive deep into the best practices for saving & investing, and income accelerators such as real estate investing and entrepreneurship for passive income. 


With the right coaching, education, and blueprint, ANYONE can achieve financial freedom.




I’m Michael Quan

Your Financial Freedom Coach

"Money is not the goal. The goal is reclaim back your TIME. To smile daily, knowing that you are living intentionally and with purpose. This is success. This is freedom!"


- Michael Quan


Personal Finance Blogger | Author | Podcaster | 

Coach | Real Estate Investor | Entrepreneur


It wasn't always easy.


When I was just 12 years old, I saw the fear of scarcity in my Mom's eyes. As a single-mother, she did everything she could to provide for us. Yet, despite the best of intentions, she struggled with money. I remember her working 3 jobs at one point, and it still felt like we were scraping by. That's why I promised myself that I would figure out a way to always have an abundance of money... for myself, and for her.


I even made her a promise that one day I would buy her a beautiful new house and she'd never have to work again. Sadly, I didn't have a chance to make good on that promise. She was taken away from us shortly after being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.


Despite my loss, I was thankful for the time I did have with her. And, she would always insist that when it was her time to leave this world, we should "celebrate my life", instead of mourning. And so to honor her story, I extracted a beautiful gift.





The gift was perspective.


Once you learn how precious time is, you begin to appreciate it more, and you ask yourself better questions. Questions like: Did I really want to trade my time for money? Or, was there a better way? 


As luck would have it, I have a pretty big extended family. And I noticed that I had a couple of uncles who never seemed to work. They had ample time to take their kids to school, work on home projects, and travel freely with their families.


As I would find out later, my uncles had achieved financial freedom. They no longer had to work to bring in money. Instead they had built and purchased assets which paid them regardless of if they worked or didn't. I was amazed.


What did they do differently than my family? And what could I copy from them to fuel my own financial freedom?




Our decisions control everything.


When I decided that financial freedom was a MUST, everything changed. 


Think about it. Isn't it amazing what you will do when you've already made a decision? You become laser focused and take action with certainty and confidence... even if you don't get the exact results you're going after.


For me this meant learning everything I could about financial freedom, passive income, financial independence, and investing. I was hooked. Because I had a different money mindset, I made different decisions than others. I learned to pay myself first when others weren't. And, I tithed when others weren't. Guess what? I got different results!


I was just a year into my first job when 9-11 hit. The economy was crushed and my company began imploding quickly. Rather than sticking around for the inevitable, I chose to dive into uncertainty and startup my own business with some friends. I continued to pay myself first, and eventually invested into real estate also. Not everything I did was successful... far from it! But, I continued to take action and adjusted my results.


Fast forward a decade and it was time to sell the business. When I signed on the dotted line, I smiled thinking warmly about my Mom. I had finally reached my definition of financial freedom. Two years later, I retired early from a traditional career to be home with my family. I was just 36 at the time. No more going to the office. No more chasing money. Life would never be the same again.


I don't share this to impress you, rather to impress upon you that creating financial freedom first starts in your mind. If you can get that right, everything else will fall into place. 




A direct path to Financial Freedom


It's been several years now since I tasted financial freedom and I have to tell you, it's everything that I ever dreamed it would be! I wake up energized and ready to work on my passions. I get to be fully present with my wife and two kids daily. And I have the time to go out and exercise, and appreciate nature freely (i.e. lots of fishing!).


It's 1000% amazing which is WHY I want this for you too.


No one should left in the dark when it comes to their finances.


In fact, I've made it my mission to help thousands of people just like you to achieve financial freedom. It's the reason WHY I started blogging. It's the reason WHY I started a podcast. And, it's the reason WHY you are reading this right now.


I want to help you to take back your TIME which is being silently stolen away. I want you to experience beautiful relationships that only proximity can create. And, I want you to work within your true passions because this is your gift to this world.


The truth is that you've always had the capability to achieve financial freedom. But, it can be elusive if you don't have a map or guide.


The Financial Freedom Blueprint


So, a couple of years ago, I decided that everyone should have equal access to this knowledge. And, I wrote down my exact path to financial freedom, organized it, and created a Financial Freedom Blueprint.


This blueprint lays out the journey to financial freedom into 4 simple phases that anyone can follow.


A.L.P.A. stands for:


  1. Adopt a Millionaire Mindset
  2. Learn the Rules of Money
  3. Plan and Take Action
  4. Accelerate Your Results

It's blessed my family, I and hope it blesses yours.



Financial Freedom Pass was created for You


The feedback to the Financial Freedom Blueprint has been phenomenal so far. And, I continue to make additions and updates to it. Yet, I knew I had more to do.


How could I better engage people just like you and convince you to join me on this incredible journey? And that's when the idea for Financial Freedom Pass was born.


Financial Freedom Pass is the exact program that I wished I had access to when I was first starting out. It's the perfect balance of self-paced study combined with a personalized group coaching component. It's an optimized blend of mindset, strategy, tactics, and social learning.


And that's the key. Don't get caught focusing on the HOW, before you work on your WHY (your mindset). Because if you do, you'll be frustrated when your momentum fizzles out.


Building wealth doesn't need to be done alone! It can be a team sport where we all WIN together.



My invitation to YOU!


Your time is now. And so, I'm inviting you to step into your greatness. It's always been there. 


I'm inviting you to break the cycle of bad money advice once and for all - not just for you, but everyone around you. I'm inviting you to become the financial freedom hero of your own story. 


You know there are two kinds of people in this world. The kind of person who's a lifetime learner, dissatisfied with the status quo, hungry for growth, and willing to step out on faith. Or, there's the kind who thinks everyone is out to get them, plays-it-safe, and can't see beyond their past. Which kind of person are you?


If you've made it this far, I already know the answer to that question.


So, I would be delighted to have you as my student in Financial Freedom Pass. I promise you will be surprised at how much progress you will make in a short amount of time. 



Starting off the right way.


Upon joining you can get to work immediately. Attend the Financial Freedom KICKSTART course at your own pace. This will help you to establish your millionaire mindset, define what financial freedom looks like for you, and give you the clarity to see your financial path ahead.


If the only thing you get is clarity about your financial well-being and what needs to be done next, you'll be far ahead of most people. But, we're only getting started.


The truth is that a lot of people do really well at getting started. But, most have a challenging time staying on track. (me too!) That's why I've integrated the LIVE group coaching calls into this program. It's an essential place for you to ask questions, get feedback, and learn from your peers.


The Power of the Mastermind


Each week, I will lead you and a group of like-minded peers in our LIVE coaching calls. It's a safe place where you can draw energy and momentum to continue your financial freedom journey. 


The power of working towards a common goal is nothing short of magic. You have to experience it!


Don't be like most people and go at money alone. Join FFP and make the learning part of money FUN. Let's learn together, support each other, and provide positive social accountability.


It's time to set a new standard. It's time to step up!


But, don't take my word for it...

Joyce Y.

Assistant Principal

Michael is very genuine, non-judgmental and patient. He really takes the time to understand you as a whole person, and support your journey towards being someone who makes mindful decisions with confidence.

Mali P.

Retired Counselor

I cannot say enough about this man who gives so much; words of wisdom, support, encouragement and much more. You have made a huge difference in my life, money mindset, and an improved outlook on money.

William L.

Software Engineer

Working with Michael really gave me the clarity I needed. I look forward to each session because I know how productive they are. It’s crazy to think back just a year ago when we first started working together. Definitely worth it. Thank you!

Albert A.


Working with a fellow entrepreneur as my financial coach is amazing. He understands my growth mindset and the value I'm constantly trying to create.

Danielle & Kent S.

Teacher & Software Analyst

Our conversations with Michael were a crucial catalyst in helping me and my husband develop a concrete plan toward FI (financial independence).

Allan F.

Owner, Alfan Estates

Before meeting Michael, my wife and I didn't really know our financial metrics. We knew we were okay, but we didn't know our potential. We do now!

Here's Just Some of What We'll Cover

Here are some sample lessons that we'll be covering (but this is just the start):


How do you create a millionaire mindset? It's no wonder why most people never figure this out. They don't believe it's possible and the game ENDS there.


Money is dynamic. It continually moves like water. If you don't know how this looks for yourself, or how to measure it, you'll never be able to harness it.


A true decision creates action that leads to a new results. What actions need to happen on a regular basis to ensure your path to wealth is achieved? 


There's a lot of information online about money and strategies. But, if you follow what everyone else does, you'll get what everyone else has. Focus on real life insights.


Education is potential power. It can inspire and provide the confidence to act swiftly and with authority. How do we effectively learn and leverage other people's wisdom?


Actions are what make you rich. It's doing what most others will not, so you can live how most others cannot. How do you automate & create accountability?


Money is a tool and it can serve a wonderful purpose. How can it serve you and your loved ones with living a balance life? The only true moment we have is NOW. Make it count!


Wealth is consistently created with 3 primary strategies. Let's examine these to see how they fit into your own Financial Freedom Blueprint. Game on.


Along this journey, you will begin to see that money magnifies who you are in this world. What do you value and what will you leave behind with the  money and wealth you create?

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    • COURSE: Financial Freedom KICKSTART

      ($798 value)

      As soon as you join, you can get to work. Financial Freedom KICKSTART is a comprehensive video course that will deliver you insights into your financial well being like never before.


      Not only are we going to look at your numbers, but we're going to shine a light your current money mindset and figure out what's blocking you. I'll walk you though how to identify limiting money beliefs and then give you strategies to shift them into empowering ones.


      Additionally, FFK will give you everything you need for creating a millionaire mindset. It's going to help you clarify your goals and help you to define what financial freedom means to you.


      Finally, you'll know exact where you fall on the Financial Freedom Blueprint so you know exactly where you need to go from here.

    • LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls

      ($1998/mo value)

      The heart of this membership program is the coaching. It's an opportunity for you to get personalized instruction and feedback, along with other students shooting for a common goal - financial freedom.


      I will host a group coaching call up to 4 times per month, so there will be ample time and opportunity for you to participate.


      I've been coaching individuals for the past 2 decades, and I love it. Helping you to realize your financial freedom potential is WHY I do what I do.


      Money is better learned and more fun played as a team sport. Let's play to WIN!

    • Mastermind Membership

      ($798/mo value)

      Success is a team sport. And I'm so excited to be opening this community to the most eager and value driven individuals like YOU! 


      You see a membership creates consistency, accountability, and a place to grow together. Oh yeah, we're going to have a ton of fun too! Immersion is the best and most enjoyable way to learn.


      Your membership will give you exclusive access to all of the program content, recorded calls, and additional benefits as they become available. 

    Is this Coaching Program Right for You?

    Only you can answer this question. But, let me help you. I've created a checklist to help you decide.


    • If you are fed up with living life below your given potential

    • If you are a young professional ready to take on the world by storm

    • If you are committed to accelerating your path to financial freedom

    • If you are someone who is willing to try anything in order to grow

    • If you are ready to get UNSTUCK with your finances

    • If you believe financial freedom is NOT possible, but wish you did

    • If you want to build wealth most efficiently

    • If you are afraid but willing to take action anyway

    • If you have no clue where your money is going


    • If you're looking for a get rich quick program

    • If you're not willing to put in the work to get new results

    • If you're not willing to take responsibility for your own future

    • If you like peanut butter pickle lox kim chi bagels topped with marshmallows and grape seed oil

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    I don't like risk either. So, if within the first 30 days you're unsatisfied for any reason, I'll refund you no questions asked. Your Financial Freedom Blueprint is yours to keep as my parting gift. And, you're welcome to come back anytime!

    Michael Quan

    President, Financially Alert LLC


    Got more questions? Great. I've got more answers.

    How often do we meet and when?

    Group coaching calls will be held up to 4 times per month, with a target of once per week. Dates and times will be selected based on the collective time(s) for the group.


    *Currently weeks 1 - 3 are held on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm Pacific, and week 4 is held on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm Pacific.


    If you are unable to make it, no worries. I will record all the calls for you to view at your convenience. And you may submit questions prior to the calls.

    What is the format of the meeting?

    Will my financial information be protected?

    What makes Financial Freedom Pass different than other coaching programs?

    How long does the program last?

    Can you advise me on my portfolio?

    What if I don't feel like I'm ready quite yet?

    Bonus Section. Time to Over Deliver!

    Because this is my first program EVER, I wanted to make it overloaded with value. So here are some additional freebies to help you make your decision even easier.

    Millionaire Mastermind Conversations

    ($998 value)

    One of the most valuable bonuses is access to my millionaire network. We'll discuss how these millionaires from all walks of life have built and continue to build wealth in all types of markets. Furthermore, we're going to be talking about present day strategies... not just what's worked in the past.

    Financial Freedom Blueprint Review

    ($298 value)

    As you continue customizing Your Financial Freedom Blueprint and making it your own, you'll have the opportunity to submit it to me personally. I'll review it and give you direct feedback on it so you can move forward with confidence.

    Extended Office Hours

    ($598/mo value)

    For a limited time, I'm going to host an EXTRA monthly group coaching office session at a different time from our weekly sessions. So if you can't make our primary meeting, there will be an opportunity to join this one live. I have clients from all around the world, so this is my way of making myself available no matter where you are.

    Millionaire's Toolbox

    ($300 value)

    You'll have direct access to all of my millionaire tools I use to manage my assets, stay educated, etc.

    Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below.

    Don't miss out on this incredible deal. If I gave you all of this as a private coaching client, it would easily cost you thousands of dollars per month! But that's not anywhere what you'll need to pay. In fact, you'll pay the opposite. Why? I want you to succeed so badly that I'm slashing my prices. But trust me, this won't last for long, so take advantage now!

    Monthly Plan








    first month join fee







    monthly coaching fee

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    • Course: Financial Freedom KICKSTART

    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    • LIVE Lessons and Q&A

    • Private Membership Portal

    • Private Facebook Group

    • Access to Exclusive Content & Tools

    • Access to New Courses (coming soon!)

    • Millionaire Mastermind Conversations

    • Your Financial Blueprint Review 

    • Extended Office Hours

    • Extra Discount from Monthly Plan 

    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    The Only Real Risk is

    Getting Left Behind

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